5 Virtual Pet Apps and Games for Android

Virtual simulation is an exciting way of tending to your real-life needs without having to own the resources. It comes under the genre of stimulated mental satisfaction which is made possible through a carved reality that showcases a parallel world with likes of the real one. There may not be an expected outcome, but the virtual tending, cleaning, and taking care of the adorable pets gives a sense of soothing, or it may be considered as a pre-training for the time when you’ll own an actual pet.

Here is a list of best virtual pet apps and games.

1. Aiko

This app is somewhat different- it includes rearing a child instead of a pet. This app allows users to play inbuilt mini-games, do room decor and yard landscaping, unlock other cute characters, customize characters and do other regular stuff like feeding and taking care of them.  Moreover, it uses anime style animation which is an attractive feature for anime lovers. This game adorns a cute interface and would attract the frenzy of many young anime fans.

2. Clumsy Ninja

This app enables users to toy with virtual ninjas. Users get to train and take care of these ninja persons. This game has a variety of inbuilt mini-games, customization options for your favorite character, and random challenges for the little ninja guy. You could even tie the ninja to balloons and let him glide in the sky. The fun-packed interactive game is one of the best entertaining virtual reality game.

3. Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Cthulhu is a fictional alien that was created by the fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft. It appears in many of his short stories, some movies and now has been adapted into this virtual pet game. Yes, users get to tend to and raise a Cthulhu. The game packs five mini-games, and the visual interface is in a retro 8-bit graphics style.

4. Dogotchi

 This virtual pet game features a simple 8-bit user-interface with a dog that needs tending and care from you. Users have to give shots, feed the dog, play with it and do other things. The game has various mini-games, customizable options like color, 12 dog characters and a growing up process. This app has no in-app purchases and is entirely free. However, one may be annoyed by the ever-present ads which we wish could be removed by payment.

5. Godville

This is a unique game that incorporates an automatic player function by textual method rather than any form of visualization or graphical interface. It gives you the powers of a God by which the user can serve the purpose of making the player work. The player will go on adventures for you, slay bad guys, collect loot, and other tasks.

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