5 Best Media Streaming Devices in 2019

Based on customer reviews and ratings from a number of sources we have hand-picked the best media streaming devices which are steering the course of the cordless entertainment industry to a whole new level.

Let’s check out some of the best media streaming products:

1.The Roku Streaming Stick Plus

This media streamer delivers 4K and HDR video for an affordable price. Its uncomplicated interface enables users to glide through every streaming service smoothly. You will not find a need to juggle between remotes as the Roku remote can command your TV’s volume and power. It provides excellent video quality and surround sound for an affordable price.

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

This media streamer costs significantly lower than any other media streamer that provides such a range of streaming support. It can be paired with the Echo and Dot speakers and can be controlled with Alexa. Its remote can control volume and power on TVs and sound bars. Although its 4K and HDR selection may not be placed at par with that of Roku’s or Apple’s media streamer, but its value for money equates this downside.

3.  Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K can be deemed as the best high-end HDR Streamer for those who want to afford it- it is priced around a couple of hundred dollars. It lets users glide through its neatly laid interface that can be controlled with Siri voice options. The downside seems to be its price and its inability to stream YouTube in 4K or HDR.

4. Google Cast

Google Cast is the best streamer when it comes to simplicity and ease of handling. It can be directly plugged into a power source, TV or sound system and can be controlled through a Chromecast enabled app on your mobile. You just have to download the desired app which is available for chromecast- games, music or movies-anything you want. You can also control the functioning of your Chromecast device by connecting it with Google assistant in Google Home speakers. With this, you can command Google to play whatever you want to watch.

5. Android TV

This Google TV replacement is a version of the Android operating system crafted for digital media players. Its user interface lets viewers search content on the internet through voice and remote. Android TV comes with Google cast compatibility which means you can broadcast your smartphone screen on the Android TV. Different manufacturers like Sony and Nvidia brand android TV, which also offer complete search control through your voice with the Google Assistant.

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